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Southern Rhone: A Visit to Meet L’Avion’s Parents.

We met our friend Gabrielle in front of Vieux Telegraphe in Chateau Neuf Du Pape (CDP) . Telegraphe boasts vineyards that average 55 years of age, and their La Crau vineyard is at the highest elevation in the area. While relatively flat, I’ve long heard about the 3 foot layer of stones covering CDP that absorb the suns heat and radiate the warmth back towards Read More →

Exploring in the Northern Rhone : Domaine Clape & Jean Louis Chave

Riding high from our hike up Cote Rotie, we jumped in the car and headed south along the Rhone River. A stunning Pre Fix lunch at Restaurant Scheffer in the tiny town of Serriere further powered us up to explore the two other great Northern Rhone appellations, Cornas and Hermitage. So far, we hadn’t had any trouble with directions, but as we entered the town Read More →

Pilgrimmage to Syrah’s Motherland: Cote Rotie: Domaine Rostaing and Stephane Ogier

A quick five minute drive Up-River from Condrieu and we were welcomed into the town of Ampuis by E. Guigal signs towering above the cliff-like vineyards. The diagonal, pointed stakes and head pruned vines would have been a dead giveaway even without the signs, finally I caught a glimpse of the inspiration behind Ruben’s Block! Two quick right turns later and we walked into Renee Rostaing’s Cellar Read More →

What the hell fairyland did we just fly over and land in? – Un Nouveau Chapitre – Burgundy

Early July 7th Jessica and I hopped to LA on the Skywest puddle-jumper and on to Houston, to catch our long Flight to Paris. Pounding the Pavement in the name of Stolpman Vineyards paid off once again, and we were able to upgrade ourselves to first class on hard-earned miles. On our layover in Houston, I texted back and forth with Rajat Parr while enjoying Read More →