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Australia Dispatch No. 2 Pat Sullivan: Victoria’s Poster Boy of a Revolution‏

“Two types of people drink my wine, either Sommeliers in their twenties, or Women in their sixties” – Pat Sullivan, approx. 36 hours into tasting appointment. With a well-worn coral pink quicksilver hoodie, a disheveled pile of curly hair, and a youthful 29 Year Old’s welcoming smile; Pat Sullivan is Victoria’s poster-boy for the Australian wine revolution. A day and a half earlier, we arrived Read More →

Australia Dispatch No 1. Savagnin: Mistaken Identity with Great Potential‏

M I S T A K E N  I D E N T I T Y Similar to the California’s Viognier scandal, Australia suffered through a mistaken identity crises of its own. What was assumed to be Albarino turned out to be the obscure Jura grape, Savagnin. Genetic test results went public just 5 years ago. Today, most producers continue to make light, crisp wines, Read More →

Making ‘Sense’ of Wine

There isn’t a day at the tasting room that goes by that I don’t overhear conversations ranging from deep tannin expression analysis to down home declarations of – ‘I like it!’  Our folks behind the bar are quick to shout out fundamentals of how each wine is produced – from the history of a varietal to specific barrel selection, aging, concrete fermenters – every choice Read More →