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Harvest Blog: Cuadrilla Flexing their Stuff‏

The 2012 Stolpman harvest kicked off Friday morning, September 7th around 2AM and picking lasted through dawn. The fifteen members of La Cuadrilla picked a total of 12 tons of fruit! Kari and I caught up to the crew in Block 4 on Saturday morning about 5AM, for what turned out to be a perfect showcase for just how awesome our crew really is. Because Read More →

Sashi Tasting of 2010s: Stolpman Zing Factor

Tasting wine with Sashi almost always imparts a whiplash “wow” factor. Head bent forward spitting, and then UP with a cocked head: “what did you just say?” He has a way of speaking about wine with obscure references that opens new worlds of thought. Depending on the day, Sashi might be in the mood for tangents on cooking, classical music, travel, yeast reproduction, or dry-farming. Read More →