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The Whole Cluster Question

Taking advantage of our dry California conditions, we’ve recently pushed the envelope of whole cluster fermentation. Sashi has increased the percentage of stems each vintage beginning in 2011. Originals Syrah now ranges between 2/3 and ¾ stem inclusion and Ruben’s block remains 100%. Without rainfall and irrigation all summer, by the time we harvest, the stems are lignified to a yellow-brown. Instead of astringent green Read More →

Where’s the Juice?

The 2013 Vintage: Where is the juice? The Syrah grapes arriving into the winery look perfect: Small, taught, purple grapes on yellowish brown stems. Assistant winemaker John Faulkner flagged me into our cold room as I arrived at the winery last week. “You have to try the Syrah picked last night!” I followed John as he sidestepped in between pallets of stacked yellow bins. “Try Read More →

There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time. –Coco Chanel

In my typical hero worship of Sashi Moorman I too often fail to recognize the woman behind the man.  This guest blog post from Sashi’s wife Melissa brings to light what an incredible, inspiring partnership they have.  Please enjoy Melissa’s beautifully written look into how she, Sashi, and Juliet survive, and even thrive, through harvest. – Peter Stolpman Harvest is coming early this year. And Read More →

Step by Step: How we make Syrah

In 2012 we’re taking a very straight forward approach to Syrah production.  Here’s a step-by-step look at the action… In the Vineyard No irrigation, even when it hits 100 degrees. No sugar testing. Watch the health of the leaves and the browning of the stems and seeds. Taste the fruit! Picking Night harvest starting with the East facing hills that get the morning sun without wind. Read More →