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Perfect Pruning: A Healthy Start to the Vines’ Year


Vineyard Manager Ruben Solorzano starts each growing season off right, with perfect pruning. The Cuadrilla members carefully angle each cut away from the dormant buds. The moisture will condense and drip off the cut without trickling towards the tiny bud once it breaks. If a crew does not pay attention to cut angles, water will saturate the new growth, and two additional early-season sulfur sprays Read More →

Pruning with Ruben – Watch & Learn!

Pruning Ruben’s Block 2013

Come join Ruben & his team as they show us the right way to prune our Ruben’s Block – the only head pruned, Cote Rotie trellised, high density Syrah at Stolpman Vineyard.  Click on the thumbnail to watch our first ‘Vlog’ Post!