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Beginnings of the Grape Whisperer

Ever since Journalist Matt Kettman crowned vineyard manager Ruben Solórzano The Grape Whisperer, both the Stolpman Vineyards family and the Solórzano family have teased Ruben quite a bit. We all know there is truth to this title. Ruben intuitively farms the ranch and hears, sees, and senses the vines’ health. He pushes the vines to the brink annually through the twists and turns of the Read More →

In memory of Nicolasa Ruelas Solorzano

2013 starts out on a sad note. We received word that Ruben Solorzano’s mother, Nicolasa Ruelas Solorzano, passed away over the weekend. Our thoughts are with Ruben and his entire family as they mourn together in Jalisco. Nicolasa gave birth to 11 children, the youngest being Stolpman’s Vineyard Manager of 19 years, Ruben Solorzano. She raised her entire family in a modest house nestled on Read More →