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White Wines

La Cuadrilla White

We took a long break from Viognier, making one last in 2001 before the 2010 harvest when Sashi fell in love with the fruit profile enough to jump back into monocepage production.  The main lot behaved as expected, and we made a 2010 Viognier exactly as described, pure and simple.  However, one small lot didn’t want to cooperate.  The cool, windy growing season must have reminded some of the vines of home in Condrieu.  When this precious fruit made it into the winery, the juice decided to take its time with fermentation.  We scratched our heads and let the sugar levels rise at a snail’s pace.  Primary fermentation ended up lasting over a year, and early on we decided to transfer the juice into neutral barrels.  We’ve heard stories of long fermentations in Condrieu, and there are some wines that rest two years in barrel before bottling, so we felt better at least with the knowledge of precedents in Viognier’s motherland.

If this wine was going to take on the complexity of a long, native fermentation, we wanted to add texture from oak to back up the flavors.  We also allowed malolactic fermentation to occur to allow the wine to fill out.  The result is a wine that evolves in the glass mirroring it’s maturation in barrel.

The color is rich gold.  After first popping the cork, the fruit flavors are dried and mature.  But with a few swirls; ripe Apricot, nectarine, and then pineapple; all drizzled in honey, remind me of my favorite post-sushi palate cleanser.  As the nose opens up, fresh Hawaiian pineapple becomes even more vivid, and takes me right back to my honeymoon in Oahu as it wafts out of the glass after a few more minutes.  The extended oak aging and lactic acid add weight to the finish, and the wine shows great viscosity with a touch of mint that I often pick up in our 2007 late harvest Viognier.

Retail Price: $18.00


13 Sauvignon Blanc

Wet stone, white blossom; lemon/citrus intensity kept in the realm of restrained ripeness: the fruit evokes unripe pear

Retail Price: $22.00


13 Viognier

Classically exotic spice and fruit aromas: orange rind, honeysuckle, jasmine? A coy wine, that plays at generosity and fruit, but tightens back up on the palate and finishes with mineral-restraint.

Retail Price: $22.00


12 Roussanne

Lime blossom, white stone fruit, brûlée

Retail Price: $28.00


11 L'Avion

Lime blossom, sweet beeswax; an especially fresh vintage, with midpalate weight and structure to assure its longevity in bottle

Retail Price: $38.00


07 Late Harvest Viognier

Retail Price: $34.00


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