With the help of vineyard crew, or La Cuadrilla’s, meticulous cultivation, we craft our wines within our Limestone Estate vineyard rather than inside the walls of our winery.  Our goal is to pick perfectly balanced, concentrated, and sophisticatedly flavored grapes and allow them to natively ferment without additives or manipulation.

Along with excitingly complex high-toned, vibrant fruit, elements of Limestone minerals and an upfront structure are always present in our wines

Stolpman’s goal is to create wines that age gracefully.  As a winery established in 1990, we are still testing the long-term aging potential beyond our wines’ second decade.  Upon release, the wines come out of their shell over the first year, unfurling new and enhanced layers of flavor.  Elements of tannin & acidity meld together over time & we are obsessed with catching the wines during their peak.  Take a look at Stolpman’s suggested ‘Drinkability’ with our Vintage Chart PDF.

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