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My Brief Refresher on Greek Shock-Value

I had never met one of our Central Valley sales representatives, Barbara, when she called me out of the blue a few months ago. She invited me to host a wine dinner at Barnwood Restaurant in a town I had never heard of named Ripon, California, pronounced Ripe-On. She told me not to worry about the location, the owner had a great following consisting of Read More →

On the Road Again – Missouri

Setting off on launch trips became quite routine sometime last year.  Unleashing Stolpman Syrah upon Florida, Georgia, and Texas gave me new appreciation of the South, from Dallas to Miami. Reckoning back to Loyola High School’s challenging and stimulating US History taught under Mr. Goepe who constantly told me to stop speaking “dudespeak” and to apply myself; Missouri was always a borderline Southern State.  Missouri never Read More →

Say What? White Varietals – Pressed, Bottled & Chilled in our Coolers!

After 22 years of operation, our white wine program still remains in a state of rapid evolution. Despite L’Avion reaching Iconic status with rave critical reviews, 2008 marked the very first vintage we were able to make the wine a pure Roussanne. Just recently, we surprised our fan base with a 100% Viognier, but couldn’t promise to ever make it again. The 2010 vintage will Read More →