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Cheap Wine VS Expensive Wine.

Caught up in our world of drinking really, really good wine all the time, it’s tough to stay connected to the typical wine consumer. Surrounded by tasty, organically farmed wine, both from Stolpman and our neighbors, and living with the constant temptation to try “cool” wines that pique our interest, or benchmark wines that serve as reference points in our pursuit of improving our palates Read More →

The Battle for Syrah: United or Divided under the Stolpman Flag? + A sneak peak at 2010 L’Avion, Ruben’s Block, and Hilltops…

With a quick chance to breath between trips to Houston and Southern California, I met with Sashi, Erin, and John to taste through all the wines we have bottled so far in 2012. We spend so much time tasting wines out of barrel and tank, it was a great chance to analyze the results of our blending decisions. I’d looked forward to this meeting for Read More →

Just another Summer Afternoon dominated by Viognier & Butter..

It doesn’t take much to convince the back office folk here at Stolpman to take an afternoon off to enjoy some good summer eats paired with our 2010 Viognier…  & when Brian Evans, our resident wine snob & foodie, offered to cook for us, it was a no-brainer to share the fun  (& the recipes!) The Hosts:  Carol (our direct sales manager) & Alan Blakeboro.  Santa Ynez.  Their lovely house was Read More →