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Ruben’s Block: Perfecto?

A few hours before dawn on Thursday morning, September 20th, La Cuadrilla removed the bird nets that draped over Rubens block. With excitement in the air, the crew gathered around Ruben to go over the game plan. The guys had tended the block by hand since first pre-pruning the long brown cains in late January. Through the early summer, they climbed the narrow rows, tying Read More →

Harvest Blog: Cuadrilla Flexing their Stuff‏

The 2012 Stolpman harvest kicked off Friday morning, September 7th around 2AM and picking lasted through dawn. The fifteen members of La Cuadrilla picked a total of 12 tons of fruit! Kari and I caught up to the crew in Block 4 on Saturday morning about 5AM, for what turned out to be a perfect showcase for just how awesome our crew really is. Because Read More →

Bandol, Barolo, and a Piemontese white revalation: Vigneti Massa

With our odyssey through the Rhone completed, and with Christen and Francesco’s Portofino wedding still a week away, we made a beeline for the coast to enjoy a long weekend before heading to Italia. Lyle from Kermit Lynch raved about the raw natural beauty of Cassis, and once we figured out it was 10 minutes from Bandol, the decision became a no brainer. On the Read More →

Concrete Waffles – Not Eggs: Focus on Authentic, Natural wines

The wine world has gone crazy for Concrete!  It seems modern winemaking has finally cycled through a complete rotation, and it only took forty years! Wineries went from rooms crammed with shining stainless steel tanks and stacks of pristine new barrels to building the same Concrete tanks that were used in Europe for a millennia. To take advantage of the wonders of modern winemaking, every Read More →