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Estate Syrah Vertical : 2001 to 2010

Estate Syrah embodies Stolpman Vineyards in a single wine. After all, Sashi Moorman blends almost every clone from our 92 acres of Syrah into the Estate Bottling. As our flagship wine, we make darn sure that Estate Syrah gives our customers one of the best quality-to-value ratios in the entire world of wine. Over the past 10 vintages, the crop yields averaged under 1.5 tons Read More →

Stolpman Vineyards Terroir: A Third Party Perspective

All year I’ve been writing about Stolpman Vineyards from my subjective point of view. So, just days after picking the second lot of Syrah for Dragonette Cellars, I spoke with Dragonette winemaker Brandon Sparks-Gillis to hear his thoughts on Stolpman. I thought it would be nice to get some third party perspective, and hopefully I’ll be able to interview a couple other Stolpman fruit customers Read More →

Mid-Harvest Update: To Pick or Not to Pick?!

Since my first harvest upon returning to the Family in 2009, I’ve come to realize that every vintage has its own unique cycles of excitement, nerves, and, knock on wood… relief! In 2009, I drove the fruit truck every night back and forth between the vineyard and our Lompoc winery. That year, relief came when big rain drops started splattering on the wide truck windshield. Read More →

Step by Step: How we make Syrah

In 2012 we’re taking a very straight forward approach to Syrah production.  Here’s a step-by-step look at the action… In the Vineyard No irrigation, even when it hits 100 degrees. No sugar testing. Watch the health of the leaves and the browning of the stems and seeds. Taste the fruit! Picking Night harvest starting with the East facing hills that get the morning sun without wind. Read More →

Petite Sirah – AMERICAN Wine

When I think of Californian Petite Syrah I picture dark color, lush fruit profile, and big boxy, borderline enormous structure. These words often describe the ideal wine for the American palate that seeks out bigger, badder red wines. In the hotter climates of Cali, Petite Sirah whoops up on Paso Robles Grenache and Napa Valley Cabernet. Here, color alone can dictates pouring PS last, after Read More →