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Our experiment in EXTREME PROVIGNAGE – New Syrah Block Take 2

Sashi has long talked about the legendary practice of Provignage employed in ancient, pre-phyloxera Burgundy and Champagne. Accounts of the practice date back to Roman times. Vignerons planted one cutting, and layered the vine time and time again until one vine, one being, connected by a maze of buried shoots, took up an entire vineyard block, possibly the size of a hectare, perhaps even larger. Read More →

New Syrah Block at Stolpman

The top corner of the ranch has rested unplanted for a decade now. In winter time, wild mustard grows to shoulder height and gives the vineyard an amazing stripe of yellow during the otherwise dormant season. From 1993 to 2003, the only Cabernet Sauvignon to ever be planted on Stolpman Vineyards grew on the steep 10 acre block. We decided our ranch is too cold Read More →

Texas Side Show Wine Freaks Tour 2013

Our motley crew piled into two SUV’s and traversed Texas showing off our wares last week. Traveling with Stolpman Vineyards were representatives from Breggo Cellars, Cliff Lede, Copain Winery, Ehlers Estates, Hahn Family Wines, Jorge Ordonez, Miner Family Wines, Mulderbosch, Regusci, Nine North, and ZD Wines. How did this rag tag bunch from Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Monterey, Spain, South Africa, and Ballard Canyon get together? Read More →

Giving Syrah ‘the old college try’ – ’04 ’05 ’06

In 2012, I was able to identify and focus on the US markets that demand Stolpman Estate Syrah at arm’s length; the towns where Syrah flows at every great bistro and farm-fresh cafe. We’re close to updating the ‘Trade’ section of our website with our new distributor list, so Sommeliers can easily track down Stolpman wine and quench The People’s thirst. In looking at our Read More →