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Freezing Air ‘Burns’

Saturday April 20th at Vintner’s Festival we had to chill our red wines on ice before serving. The next day, we stayed cool by zip-lining into the reservoir. It’s hard to imagine that just a couple nights prior, Ruben stayed up all night running our frost protection sprinklers. While the 40+ degree Fahrenheit diurnal swing is one of the most important aspects of our grape-growing Read More →

Third Party Perspective – Richard Betts

I first met Master Sommelier Richard Betts in Atlanta over a few bottles of his Sombra Mezcal.  After the bottles were emptied, we adjourned to a hipster beer bar where Richard earned a dirty look from our waitress by ordering a Tecate. “We don’t carry Tecate” “OK, give me whatever tastes like a Tecate” I’m not sure how much Richard actually likes Tecate, but he Read More →

Held or Holstered: the Re-Design of the La Cuadrilla Label

Held or holstered on their belts, each Cuadrilla member spends thousands of hours a year with their most used tool. Pre-Pruning, pruning, green dropping, and harvesting are all done with their picking shears. The image of the simple instrument best represents Cuadrilla’s day-to-day work. It’s also a proud badge for all of us at Stolpman Vineyards. In our experience, mechanization never trumps the human touch Read More →

Tough Job – Staff Meetings: First Taste of our 2011 Vintage

Prior to our April 1 Release, the entire tasting room staff sat down with me to taste through the newly bottled wines. Sashi and John usually join us for these mandatory – tough job – staff meetings, but they were both in France on a research trip – yes, even tougher jobs. 2012 Rose: The Grenache (60%) portion of this wine was peachy in color Read More →

Going Strong Bi-Coastal: The Country Vintner Road Show

Ask any good restaurateur in DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Raleigh-Durham, or Charlotte who they buy most of their wine from and they’re bound to tell you Country Vintner. That’s because the Vintner Group has a gigantic international portfolio of family-owned wineries with virtually no big-brand bullshit. In late March, I graciously accepted the invitation to go on the Vintner Group roadshow, taking a Tour Coach with Read More →