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We’re shifting the wavelengths of maximum absorbance, man. Can you dig it? A quick look at blending red & white.

From Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney, to Paula Abdul & MC Skat Kat, even the king of pop himself taught us to ‘believe in miracles, it don’t matter if you’re black or white’. The blending of these creative powerhouse singer/songwriters to write together, to inspire tolerance, balance & stability – taught us that opposites really do attract. These are all lessons that the folks over Read More →

We’ve Been Caught with Our Tops Off! – Our decision to stop using foil

& Going topless has never been so conservative… On many of our wines, we’re no longer fitting a tin capsule around the neck of the bottle. Instead, we’ve put our “S” Logo on the corks ends so the bottles can still be identified laid down in the cellar. Why would we do such a thing? Is it decent to send such naked bottles to the Read More →

Different Shades of White Wine: Sauvignon Blanc v Golden Point

Stolpman Vineyards’ two entry level white wines, Sauvignon Blanc and Golden Point, exist in two different universes. Sauvignon Blanc appears straight forward: Clearly the most mainstream varietal produced at Stolpman Vineyards, the wine is pressed and aged only in stainless steel. Sashi inhibits secondary fermentation to create a crisp, pure profile and the wine is filtered, because God Forbid, an unsuspecting punter sees clouds in Read More →