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Chasing the Dragon: ‘What’s your favorie wine?’

“What’s your favorite wine?” always seemed to me to be a fairly immature question, akin to, “what’s your favorite color?” But I now have an answer. On Saturday night, Sashi and his wife Melissa held an intimate engagement party for Jessica and me. They popped 8 magnums from our most beloved producers. Needless to say, we ordered our taxi in advance. Following magnums of Champ Read More →

2013 Vintage Forecast: The Fight is On

Barring freak weather patterns this fall, the dry winter will be the defining factor of Stolpman Vineyards’ 2013 vintage. The weather station on the Vineyard measured only 6.5 inches of rain. This number was not unusual throughout the Central Coast. Conditions are so dry, there have already been a few fires in the Santa Ynez Valley. The most significant, the White Fire, burned 1800 acres Read More →

Rajat Parr and Pete Stolpman’s ‘Bastardo’ Love Child

Rajat Parr sparked our Trousseau courtship a couple years ago. First, bottles of Jura accompanied his frequent trips to our central coast winery from San Francisco. Then, comments about Trousseau’s potential on clay topsoil and limestone subsoil started to drop around the winery lunch table. When Rajat persuaded another friend to give him vine cuttings, all he had to do was make the lifelong vow Read More →