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Beginnings of the Grape Whisperer

Ever since Journalist Matt Kettman crowned vineyard manager Ruben Solórzano The Grape Whisperer, both the Stolpman Vineyards family and the Solórzano family have teased Ruben quite a bit. We all know there is truth to this title. Ruben intuitively farms the ranch and hears, sees, and senses the vines’ health. He pushes the vines to the brink annually through the twists and turns of the Read More →

Spice will turn America to Syrah

The Best Article on Stolpman Ever On February 5th, Author Evan Dawson published perhaps the most spot-on article about Stolpman Vineyards written in our 24 year history. He interviewed Sashi and I for the story and ended up taking the angle that the extremely high prices of Cote Rotie and Hermitage will lead wine connoisseurs to drink Stolpman. I can’t pop $120-$380 bottles of Cote Read More →

Loyalty & Courage: Behind the Label of La Cuadrilla 2012

We are proud to unveil the third La Cuadrilla label in Kari Crist’s series. The new cover piece is titled “Loyalty and Courage”. Background We pride ourselves in employing a full-time workforce in the vineyard rather than hiring temporary labor for pruning and harvest. Because our crew is full-time and dedicated to Stolpman, each member develops advanced skills and techniques. The crew can quickly adapt Read More →