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Celebrating Ruben – Winemaking’s Greatest Farmer

Who is Ruben?  A Los Angeles Event Honoring the Grape Whisperer For the first time, Ruben Solorzano is being honored with a grand celebration.  On July 30, fourteen vintners and winemakers will gather at Everson Royce Bar Downtown LA in support of Ruben Solorzano “the Grape Whisperer”.  Ruben’s family will be manning the BBQ and taco stand to accompany all of the great wines mentioned Read More →

Australia Dispatch No. 2 Pat Sullivan: Victoria’s Poster Boy of a Revolution‏

“Two types of people drink my wine, either Sommeliers in their twenties, or Women in their sixties” – Pat Sullivan, approx. 36 hours into tasting appointment. With a well-worn coral pink quicksilver hoodie, a disheveled pile of curly hair, and a youthful 29 Year Old’s welcoming smile; Pat Sullivan is Victoria’s poster-boy for the Australian wine revolution. A day and a half earlier, we arrived Read More →

Australia Dispatch No 1. Savagnin: Mistaken Identity with Great Potential‏

M I S T A K E N  I D E N T I T Y Similar to the California’s Viognier scandal, Australia suffered through a mistaken identity crises of its own. What was assumed to be Albarino turned out to be the obscure Jura grape, Savagnin. Genetic test results went public just 5 years ago. Today, most producers continue to make light, crisp wines, Read More →

In Pursuit of Alsatian Richne

As producers of the relatively rare grape Roussanne, we’re obsessed with creating rich white wine structured by a mineral-driven backbone. Because we lack crowds of Roussanne peers, we seek outside reference points. Among those we can learn from are the winemakers of Alsace who focus 90% of their vineyards on whites. A STUDY OF BALANCE IN ALSACE The combination of weight and acid is rare, as Read More →

Going Strong Bi-Coastal: The Country Vintner Road Show

Ask any good restaurateur in DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Raleigh-Durham, or Charlotte who they buy most of their wine from and they’re bound to tell you Country Vintner. That’s because the Vintner Group has a gigantic international portfolio of family-owned wineries with virtually no big-brand bullshit. In late March, I graciously accepted the invitation to go on the Vintner Group roadshow, taking a Tour Coach with Read More →

Texas Side Show Wine Freaks Tour 2013

Our motley crew piled into two SUV’s and traversed Texas showing off our wares last week. Traveling with Stolpman Vineyards were representatives from Breggo Cellars, Cliff Lede, Copain Winery, Ehlers Estates, Hahn Family Wines, Jorge Ordonez, Miner Family Wines, Mulderbosch, Regusci, Nine North, and ZD Wines. How did this rag tag bunch from Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Monterey, Spain, South Africa, and Ballard Canyon get together? Read More →

Bandol, Barolo, and a Piemontese white revalation: Vigneti Massa

With our odyssey through the Rhone completed, and with Christen and Francesco’s Portofino wedding still a week away, we made a beeline for the coast to enjoy a long weekend before heading to Italia. Lyle from Kermit Lynch raved about the raw natural beauty of Cassis, and once we figured out it was 10 minutes from Bandol, the decision became a no brainer. On the Read More →

Southern Rhone: A Visit to Meet L’Avion’s Parents.

We met our friend Gabrielle in front of Vieux Telegraphe in Chateau Neuf Du Pape (CDP) . Telegraphe boasts vineyards that average 55 years of age, and their La Crau vineyard is at the highest elevation in the area. While relatively flat, I’ve long heard about the 3 foot layer of stones covering CDP that absorb the suns heat and radiate the warmth back towards Read More →

Pilgrimmage to Syrah’s Motherland: Cote Rotie: Domaine Rostaing and Stephane Ogier

A quick five minute drive Up-River from Condrieu and we were welcomed into the town of Ampuis by E. Guigal signs towering above the cliff-like vineyards. The diagonal, pointed stakes and head pruned vines would have been a dead giveaway even without the signs, finally I caught a glimpse of the inspiration behind Ruben’s Block! Two quick right turns later and we walked into Renee Rostaing’s Cellar Read More →

What the hell fairyland did we just fly over and land in? – Un Nouveau Chapitre – Burgundy

Early July 7th Jessica and I hopped to LA on the Skywest puddle-jumper and on to Houston, to catch our long Flight to Paris. Pounding the Pavement in the name of Stolpman Vineyards paid off once again, and we were able to upgrade ourselves to first class on hard-earned miles. On our layover in Houston, I texted back and forth with Rajat Parr while enjoying Read More →