Celebrating Ruben – Winemaking’s Greatest Farmer

Who is Ruben?  A Los Angeles Event Honoring the Grape Whisperer

For the first time, Ruben Solorzano is being honored with a grand celebration.  On July 30, fourteen vintners and winemakers will gather at Everson Royce Bar Downtown LA in support of Ruben Solorzano “the Grape Whisperer”.  Ruben’s family will be manning the BBQ and taco stand to accompany all of the great wines mentioned below.

Ruben Painting


2-5pm Saturday July 30th
Tickets are $45
Everson Royce Bar
1936 E 7th Street.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Humble Beginnings

Ruben’s career started in 1989 when he joined his older brothers as a field hand in local vineyards.  In 1994, Tom Stolpman hired Ruben as our vineyard manager.  Because of his innate ability to gauge the needs of the vines, Stolpman quickly ascended to the top tier of vineyards in the County’s fledgling wine industry.  Ruben’s humble beginnings as a subsistent farmer in Jalisco led him to empower his workers.  He started our training and profit sharing program, La Cuadrilla, to engage and improve Stolpman’s vineyard crew.


By 2001, guided by Sashi Moorman and consultant Alberto Antonini PHD, Ruben started to push the envelope of viticultural best practices.  Stolpman became the first vineyard in the area to intentionally dry farm for higher quality.

The Other Vineyards in Ruben’s Domain

Across the Ballard Canyon Bowl, winemaker Matt Dees brought Ruben in to manage Jonata.  Through Matt, Ruben now regularly accesses the knowledge of the best vintners in Napa Valley and the world, including flying winemaker Michel Rolland.

As partner of Coastal Vineyard Care, Ruben’s influence spread south and to the west.  Down Ballard Canyon, Ruben leads Rusack, Larner, and Kimsey.  Further south Refugio Ranch benefits from Ruben’s unique methodologies.  To the west, John Sebastiano, Mt. Carmel, Bent Rock, and Radian have allowed Ruben to ply his trade with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

All of Ruben’s vineyards carry his signature of small clusters, conservative canopies, and a sense of wildness.  Ruben doesn’t waste his workers’ time making purely aesthetic passes through the rows.  Only fruit quality matters.  Winemakers including Craig JaffursBret Urness, Matthias Pippig, Ryan Deovlet, and Brandon Sparks-Gillis rely on Ruben’s farming. They rest assured their fruit will ripen with concentration and balance.


Along with the other winemakers traveling to DTLA to support Ruben, we will also be pouring Ruben’s own bottlings.

Label - Para Maria

Last year, Ruben and I created a partnership wine, Para Maria, named for his wife.  We employ some carbonic fermentation for lively freshness and then add a splash of Petite Verdot for juiciness – perfect with goat tacos.  On July 30th, we will debut the 2015 vintage of Para Maria.


Ruben began experimenting with winemaking in 2008 under the Hecho Por Ruben Label.  July 30th gives us the perfect excuse to break out 2012 Hecho Por Ruben Kimsey Vineyard Grenache and 2012 Hecho Por Ruben Harrison Clarke Syrah.

Lastly, Ruben is a partner in Goodland based in the city of Santa Barbara.  Plenty of Goodland wines will flow next Saturday in LA!

Come celebrate Ruben Solorzano’s career with delicious wine and food!