Cuadrilla BBQ


We gathered in the shade of our famous oak tree the afternoon of Friday, October 30th. After taking the day off, all of our vineyard workers arrived with their families to enjoy a party held in their honor.
Another year of hard work has passed, and meanwhile, our customers have purchased yet another vintage of La Cuadrilla. The Cuadrilla blend accounts for 10% of our production and every year we return the wine’s profits to the members of our vineyard crew.

Upon arriving to the vineyard, the kids commenced foot races up and down the hills as parents looked on above steaming cups of spicy goat stew. The Ballard Canyon goat was slaughtered Thursday, and not an ounce of meat would be wasted.


Ruben pulled the main portions of Goat Birria out of the ground where the meat had cooked submerged with hot river rocks and cactus.
The Goat feast was accompanied with a variety of salsas, tortillas, rice, and beans – all prepared to perfection by Maria.


After dinner, Ruben and I took a moment to thank the crew and highlight the busy winter planned. With all of our new planting projects in the pipeline, the crew doesn’t need to worry about job security! With speeches and toasts out of the way, we handed out the crews’ bonuses, one by one, in order of seniority. A very proud moment for all involved.


With the obligatory group photo snuck in just before sunset, it was time to dig deeper into the cache of wine, beer, and of course, tequila.
One of the happiest occasions of the year, the Cuadrilla Profit Sharing Party brings home why we are so committed to employing year-round, full time vineyard workers. We strive not only to make the best wine possible – we are also committed to creating a healthy, stable work environment for fifteen families.
Proud, fulfilled people make better wine!