Dinner in the Vineyard : Farm to Table evening benefitting La Cuadrilla Foundation

On August 2nd, guests gathered under the oak grove at Villa Angeli for a wonderful night benefitting the new La Cuadrilla Foundation.

W A L K I N G  T O U R S
The night began with guided walking tours. From the perimeter of Villa Angeli guests took in the view of all of Ballard Canyon AVA. We pointed out the northernmost Tierra Alta Vineyard all the way down the creek to the South. The walk ended at a demonstration soil pit where we pointed out the dry-farmed roots shooting both outward across the vine rows and down into the solid Limestone subsoil. The roots constantly search for water and nutrients so they are better suited to withstand our current drought conditions than vines accustomed to constant irrigation.

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F A R M  to  T A B L E
We take great pride in our organic polyculture at Stolpman Vineyards so when we host a dinner, almost every ingredient is from Ballard Canyon or darn close!
Los Alamos’ famous Full of Life Flatbread prepared our local ingredients and cooked using their wood-fired oven.
All produce served came from Roots’ Organic Farm. Farmer Jacob Grant tends 14 acres of organic vegetables on our land as well as another plot just 1.5 miles away near Los Olivos. The night began with goat meatballs in a tomatillo sauce and seared corn in chili-lime butter.
We ascended up to the main Villa Angeli lawn for dinner, where Uncle Bo Dugger and fellow musicians from all over California played Blues. Flowers from Ballard Canyon Farms adorned every table alongside New Vineland Bread. Our winemaker Sashi Moorman farms a wheat field right across Ballard Canyon Rd and Sashi bakes the bread in a wood-fired brick oven in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto, often using native wine yeasts. Of course, we served the bread with Stolpman Extra Virgin Olive oil, picked from our two groves on property.
Dinner included fresh and cold Gazpacho, Heirloom Tomato Panzanella, and Smoked Farro Salad with Kale, Summer Squash, and Herbs.
For the main course, Full of Life made Roast Lamb with Chickpeas and Ember-Roasted Eggplant. Vineyard Manager Ruben Solorzano raised both the goats and lamb on neighboring Jonata Vineyard.
Local Fisherman Stephanie Muntz kept us in the dark as to what seafood would be served, as we relied on the catch of that very morning. We guessed Channel Islands Mackerel or Mako Shark; but when the boat docked, Stephanie had large Santa Barbara Sardines. Full of Life Flatbread prepared the fish with citrus, fennel, and pepper.
For desert, Aunt Jeanie’s wine-infused truffles accompanied local berries; a staple around Stolpman Vineyards and always a big hit.

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L A  C U A D R I L L A  F O U N D A T I O N
Guests donated to La Cuadrilla Foundation, which just became an official Charity in June. La Cuadrilla Foundation will use all of the money donated to help the greater community of agricultural workers in Santa Barbara County. The Charity embodies our effort to take the concept of La Cuadrilla, or sustainable employment, to a broader level. Our Cuadrilla wine will continue to benefit our vineyard workers, but the Charity benefits the entire County’s Ag workers.


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 A special thanks & ‘u rock’ to Kielly Lewis for photographing the event.