Feast in the Field 2012 – A Photo Blog

We came up with the great idea of bringing Stolpman’s Polyculture to our customers last year.  Not only are we lucky enough to live in the Santa Ynez Valley with fresh, local, organic groceries constantly available, but when we go out to dine we enjoy the same “farm to table” local specialties at restaurants like Full of Life Flatbread.   We met with Ruben and figured out that we had too many young goats already, so we immediately had a protein course, and Jacob, the organic vegetable farmer who cultivates our bottom 14 acres agreed to provide a bountiful and diverse harvest.  Full of Life would prepare everything in their Certified Organic Kitchen, and we towed their 6-ton oak burning oven out to the vineyard to cook.

After working out all the kinks last year, the 2012 Feast in the Field went super smooth.  In addition to goats and fresh organic produce, Sashi brought just-baked bread from his newly opened Lompoc New Vineland Bakery that we paired with Stolpman Olive Oil.  Always having to improve upon the past, Ruben introduced some sheep into our Goat herd last year, so Lamb was also on the menu.  For old time’s sake, we were even able to persuade the now famous Ray Fortune to come play music all afternoon.

This year’s wine theme was Ballard Canyon, as our AVA petition is hopefully near finalization with the Federal Government.  All of our favorite Ballard Canyon wineries came out to pour.  Steven from Rusack, Drew from Jonata, Steve Beckman, and Hillary and Roger from Harrison Clarke all joined Stolpman in making sure Santa Ynez’ best wines flowed freely.

Thanks to the hard work of the Stolpman crew (Carol, Kari, Kim, John, and Sashi) as well as the Full of Life Kitchen crew under the leadership of Brett and Tamara, I think all of the 90 or so guests in attendance had an amazing Feast experience.

This year, Feast in the Field benefited People Helping People, hopefully our donation will help struggling local families enjoy this amazing place as we do.