I’d like to formally Welcome Jessica Stolpman to our Winery Family!


Jessica and I met over the conference table during corporate training at the Henry Wine Group. I had loathed the 8 hour all-day meeting with our bosses for weeks, until I walked through the door and laid eyes on the beautiful blonde seated across the room. The day immediately became more interesting.
Thanks to a fellow red-headed colleague, we were set up to meet a couple weeks later at the Poop Deck Bar in Hermosa Beach. Beginning with that encounter almost six years ago, we’ve experienced life together. We’ve traveled through Central and South America and Europe as we laid the foundation for a life-long friendship both with one another, and with so many amazing people throughout the world.
In her own right, Jessica has become an esteemed wine professional. She received the award for highest growth in 2008 while at the Henry Wine Group and for the past four years, Jessica managed West Coast sales for Zaca Mesa Winery. She continues her never-ending quest to expand the horizons of her culinary artistry and has refined her wine palate to an expert level.

Jessica is jumping into the Stolpman operation on all fronts. We are off together to work the Hawaiian market this week and then Jessica will also take over management of Villa Angeli, now under the finishing touches of construction. Come harvest, Jessica plans to get her hands dirty, working the 2013 crush with Sashi Moorman in our winery.

On July 27, she took the plunge, marrying me under the Villa Oak Grove. Our celebrant, Michael Mcfarlane, opened with these words:
Ladies and gentlemen, we have come together today, from near and far, to revel in the great love of Peter and Jessica. Thank you for coming. I believe this is a powerful love we are celebrating today, and I think the greatness of the love is manifested in this amazing gathering Jessica and Pete have organized here at this beautiful place. My name is Michael McFarlane. I have been a friend with Pete and later Jessica, for years, and I am deeply honored that they asked me to officiate today. I have been fortunate to officiate one other wedding for a friend, and that couple immediately got pregnant with twins. I have told Pete and Jessica that I expect nothing less than triplets.

And now to paraphrase the groom, the self-described, Prince of Ballard Canyon The 2013 Stolpman Vintage represents the very best selection of Stolpman and Simmons genetics—Eugenics at its best. A luscious combination of strawberry red and sultry blonde, a sumptuous blend of raw athleticism and savory intellect, undeniably sexy but refined, complex hybrid vigor of a Thoroughbred and Arabian Stallion mating, sultry pecs and aristocratic skin of Nordic gods, highly affable, beautiful mouthfeel, miraculous to behold, lesson in vinous contrapposta – richness and lightness, power and elegance. It shows of its raw power like a teenager spinning the wheels of a hot rod. It has taken a few years to court these deep brooding flavors, youthful escapades, and maturing passions, but they are now ready to marry and fully integrate. No time to cellar.

Our ceremony included readings from family members, Jessica’s best childhood friend, Christin Wissman’s, beautiful rendition of Al di La with a hawk floating above her in the breeze, and toasting each other with a glass of Viognier before tossing the glasses into the vineyard at the end of the ceremony. We and our guests enjoyed oysters, New Vineland Bread, our vegetable garden’s produce, meat from animals raised in Ballard Canyon, and of course, plenty of vino.

Please join me in welcoming Jessica to the Stolpman Family!  Thank you Dennis Kwan of DK Weddings for capturing this day & for letting us share the photos here!!