Long Overdue: The Release of Large Format!

largeformatWe all love magnums for cellaring and popping on special occasions. And of course, wines in magnums evolve more slowly, improving over a longer period of time due to the greater volume of liquid sealed in the bottle more info
It seems like we are long overdue in releasing a magnum offering to our wine club, rather than continuing to hoard a few hand-bottled large formats in our cellar. After all, highly phenolic Syrah and low pH Sangiovese are among the best varietals in the world for aging. Factor in Sashi Moorman’s hands off wine-making with the sole pursuit of achieving balance, and our Limestone vineyard that produces firm structure; it’s almost sacrilege to drink most of our bottles young!
With Magnums, we can rest assured that Stolpman wines will improve for decades. The work involved in coordinating separate bottling runs for magnums, ordering small quantities of the big bottles, and eating into the 750ml supply of our limited production wines; have all combined to prevent us from pulling the magnum trigger.
The tipping point occurred back in June, when Sashi threw Jessica and I an intimate engagement party at his house with a few other couples. Sashi opened eight different aged 1.5 liter bottles and the combination, especially the 1998 JL Chave Hermitage Blanc, provided an “aha” realization moment. We had to start making magnums available to our customers!
This inaugural magnum release only includes Sangiovese and Syrah bottlings, but perhaps with the 2012 vintage, we will begin offering L’Avion Roussanne in Magnum, in our continued chase of the JL Chave Blanc dragon.

Magnum Release:
2011 Originals Syrah – 240 bottles available
2011 Hilltops Syrah – 90 bottles available
2011 Angeli Syrah – 60 bottles available
2010 Sangiovese – 240 bottles available
2010 Sangio degli Angeli – 480 bottles available

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