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Throwback to 2013

All harvest we obsess over the flavor and texture of the fruit on the vine. In the winery, we become all-consumed with fermentation temperatures and extraction management. For the next one, two, and even three years we systematically check in on each barrel, examining how the flavors integrate and settle. Once bottled, we live with the wines through release, writing tasting notes and popping corks Read More →

2013 Vintage Forecast: The Fight is On

Barring freak weather patterns this fall, the dry winter will be the defining factor of Stolpman Vineyards’ 2013 vintage. The weather station on the Vineyard measured only 6.5 inches of rain. This number was not unusual throughout the Central Coast. Conditions are so dry, there have already been a few fires in the Santa Ynez Valley. The most significant, the White Fire, burned 1800 acres Read More →