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Spice will turn America to Syrah

The Best Article on Stolpman Ever On February 5th, Author Evan Dawson published perhaps the most spot-on article about Stolpman Vineyards written in our 24 year history. He interviewed Sashi and I for the story and ended up taking the angle that the extremely high prices of Cote Rotie and Hermitage will lead wine connoisseurs to drink Stolpman. I can’t pop $120-$380 bottles of Cote Read More →

Flipped: Cote Rotie and Ballard Canyon Harvest

A RARE HARVEST-TIME VISIT FROM STEPHANE OGIER When Stephane Ogier, the famed Cote Rotie winemaker of Domaine Michel & Stephane Ogier, told us he was coming to visit on September 5, Rajat Parr and I carved out time to show him Ballard Canyon. Sashi even committed to cooking dinner in the middle of Sandhi and Domaine de la Cote Pinot Noir and Chardonnay harvest. I privately wondered Read More →

Fall 2013 Stolpman Release : A Sneak Peek!

LA CUADRILLA WHITE (NV) The prospects of making a great Viognier are almost as elusive as making a great Roussanne. To keep the fruit profile fresh and pure, we usually play it safe. We press the clusters and immediately put the juice in stainless steel tanks to ferment and age and then quickly bottle the wine within 6-8 months. We took a long break from Read More →

We’re shifting the wavelengths of maximum absorbance, man. Can you dig it? A quick look at blending red & white.

From Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney, to Paula Abdul & MC Skat Kat, even the king of pop himself taught us to ‘believe in miracles, it don’t matter if you’re black or white’. The blending of these creative powerhouse singer/songwriters to write together, to inspire tolerance, balance & stability – taught us that opposites really do attract. These are all lessons that the folks over Read More →

New Syrah Block at Stolpman

The top corner of the ranch has rested unplanted for a decade now. In winter time, wild mustard grows to shoulder height and gives the vineyard an amazing stripe of yellow during the otherwise dormant season. From 1993 to 2003, the only Cabernet Sauvignon to ever be planted on Stolpman Vineyards grew on the steep 10 acre block. We decided our ranch is too cold Read More →

Exploring in the Northern Rhone : Domaine Clape & Jean Louis Chave

Riding high from our hike up Cote Rotie, we jumped in the car and headed south along the Rhone River. A stunning Pre Fix lunch at Restaurant Scheffer in the tiny town of Serriere further powered us up to explore the two other great Northern Rhone appellations, Cornas and Hermitage. So far, we hadn’t had any trouble with directions, but as we entered the town Read More →

Pilgrimmage to Syrah’s Motherland: Cote Rotie: Domaine Rostaing and Stephane Ogier

A quick five minute drive Up-River from Condrieu and we were welcomed into the town of Ampuis by E. Guigal signs towering above the cliff-like vineyards. The diagonal, pointed stakes and head pruned vines would have been a dead giveaway even without the signs, finally I caught a glimpse of the inspiration behind Ruben’s Block! Two quick right turns later and we walked into Renee Rostaing’s Cellar Read More →

What the hell fairyland did we just fly over and land in? – Un Nouveau Chapitre – Burgundy

Early July 7th Jessica and I hopped to LA on the Skywest puddle-jumper and on to Houston, to catch our long Flight to Paris. Pounding the Pavement in the name of Stolpman Vineyards paid off once again, and we were able to upgrade ourselves to first class on hard-earned miles. On our layover in Houston, I texted back and forth with Rajat Parr while enjoying Read More →

The Battle for Syrah: United or Divided under the Stolpman Flag? + A sneak peak at 2010 L’Avion, Ruben’s Block, and Hilltops…

With a quick chance to breath between trips to Houston and Southern California, I met with Sashi, Erin, and John to taste through all the wines we have bottled so far in 2012. We spend so much time tasting wines out of barrel and tank, it was a great chance to analyze the results of our blending decisions. I’d looked forward to this meeting for Read More →

Check out what’s New @ the Vineyard!

The springtime provides a great opportunity to check out all of our viticultural experimentation as the bushy canopy has yet to block out all the new detailed changes La Cuadrilla has been busy implementing. Kari and I spent an afternoon hiking the hills of the vineyard, but this photo-blog shows off Ruben’s brain, not just the vineyard’s beauty!  A huge factor in why Stolpman’s wines Read More →