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New Fermenting Methodology in 2016

Harvesting Based on Taste We spend much of our days walking the vineyard rows, constantly tasting grapes. West faces, east faces, hilltops – each side of the vine – and grapes from varying positions on clusters; all examined. We taste the sweetness and flavor profile, paying close attention to the softening texture of the skins and seeds – both will define the tannin structure of Read More →

Step by Step: How we make Syrah

In 2012 we’re taking a very straight forward approach to Syrah production.  Here’s a step-by-step look at the action… In the Vineyard No irrigation, even when it hits 100 degrees. No sugar testing. Watch the health of the leaves and the browning of the stems and seeds. Taste the fruit! Picking Night harvest starting with the East facing hills that get the morning sun without wind. Read More →