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Chasing the Dragon: ‘What’s your favorie wine?’

“What’s your favorite wine?” always seemed to me to be a fairly immature question, akin to, “what’s your favorite color?” But I now have an answer. On Saturday night, Sashi and his wife Melissa held an intimate engagement party for Jessica and me. They popped 8 magnums from our most beloved producers. Needless to say, we ordered our taxi in advance. Following magnums of Champ Read More →

We’re shifting the wavelengths of maximum absorbance, man. Can you dig it? A quick look at blending red & white.

From Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney, to Paula Abdul & MC Skat Kat, even the king of pop himself taught us to ‘believe in miracles, it don’t matter if you’re black or white’. The blending of these creative powerhouse singer/songwriters to write together, to inspire tolerance, balance & stability – taught us that opposites really do attract. These are all lessons that the folks over Read More →

Third Party Perspective – Richard Betts

I first met Master Sommelier Richard Betts in Atlanta over a few bottles of his Sombra Mezcal.  After the bottles were emptied, we adjourned to a hipster beer bar where Richard earned a dirty look from our waitress by ordering a Tecate. “We don’t carry Tecate” “OK, give me whatever tastes like a Tecate” I’m not sure how much Richard actually likes Tecate, but he Read More →

Exploring in the Northern Rhone : Domaine Clape & Jean Louis Chave

Riding high from our hike up Cote Rotie, we jumped in the car and headed south along the Rhone River. A stunning Pre Fix lunch at Restaurant Scheffer in the tiny town of Serriere further powered us up to explore the two other great Northern Rhone appellations, Cornas and Hermitage. So far, we hadn’t had any trouble with directions, but as we entered the town Read More →