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Naked Fermentation: Bidding Farewell to Malic Acid?

In 2010 Rajat Parr tested one of his winemaking theories. He believed sulfur added to newly harvested grapes stripped the subsequent wine’s immunity and aging potential. By blanketing the grapes with protectant, and killing off many organisms, the grapes’ natural immunity is also stripped. A wine would be more whole, longer lived, and complex if the grapes finish native fermentation naked. Rajat arrived at this Read More →

Obsession: Fine Tannins in 2013

After 19 harvests we’re just as obsessed with improving our wines as we were with our first vintage in 1994. Dry farming Limestone in Ballard Canyon doesn’t always leave me with sexy stories (a tale of organic fertilizer, anyone?), but it’s important to let our devotees know about evolving ideology as an estate. For the past few vintages, winemaker Sashi Moorman has directed his focus Read More →

In memory of Nicolasa Ruelas Solorzano

2013 starts out on a sad note. We received word that Ruben Solorzano’s mother, Nicolasa Ruelas Solorzano, passed away over the weekend. Our thoughts are with Ruben and his entire family as they mourn together in Jalisco. Nicolasa gave birth to 11 children, the youngest being Stolpman’s Vineyard Manager of 19 years, Ruben Solorzano. She raised her entire family in a modest house nestled on Read More →

Tre Angeli’s – Too Bad my Dad’s name isn’t Charlie…

My dad is no fool. When the blocks at Stolpman Vineyards began to hit maturity & produce some unprecedentedly great wines, he decided to name a new reserve after his wife, my mother, Marilyn. Her mother, my Grandma Mary, came from the walled Tuscan town of Luca, on the West side of Northern Italy & her last name, Angeli – literally means Angels in Italian. Today, Tom jokes Read More →