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L’Avion Roussanne: A Test of Patience in the Winery

Over Sashi Moorman’s 12 years of making Roussanne, he has experimented with countless techniques to make L’Avion as delicious as possible. Sashi influences Ruben’s work in the vineyard, coaxing the Roussanne to even ripening (BLOG LINK). Once picked, Sashi owns all responsibility for the end wine and must figure out how to accentuate every ounce of terroir. As Ruben says, “We give Sashi the best Read More →

The Indifference of Roussanne

We still can’t quite believe how early our red wine harvest came this year. We finished picking on Wednesday morning, October 16. We are now barreling down those last Grenache lots. Harvest came so fast in fact, that Ruben and La Cuadrilla had to frantically pick Sangiovese because the Grenache was already ripe and ready to be harvested on the heels of the Sangio. In Read More →

A Perfect Vintage finished before the Rain‏

Mother Nature seemed to send us a signal on Wednesday, October 8th. For over a week meteorologists forecasted rain, giving us just enough time to pick all of our red grapes off of the vine. We took it right up to the wire, finishing just before dawn on Wednesday morning. Sunrise revealed high, dark clouds, and the morning brought with it blustery winds off of Read More →

Hanging on the Vine for Points

I received Ruben Solorzano’s harvest report as soon as we arrived back in cell service on the Sonoma side of Spring Mountain. Scrolling through block after block of harvested grapes brought home the importance of the viticultural revolution happening right now at Stolpman Vineyards. Following a sales trip in San Francisco (where we caught the America’s Cup finals), Napa, and Sonoma; Jessica and I had Read More →

Where’s the Juice?

The 2013 Vintage: Where is the juice? The Syrah grapes arriving into the winery look perfect: Small, taught, purple grapes on yellowish brown stems. Assistant winemaker John Faulkner flagged me into our cold room as I arrived at the winery last week. “You have to try the Syrah picked last night!” I followed John as he sidestepped in between pallets of stacked yellow bins. “Try Read More →