2008 Stolpman Horizontal Collection


2008 Vintage
The extremes of 2008 are written across the wines. Spring frost burnt our newly budded crop for the first time in the vineyards’ history. The April cold snap reduced the crop load dramatically, meaning each vine would concentrate its energy on only a few clusters. Then in mid-June, unprecedented weather stuck again in the form of an early heat wave. Temperatures soared to 112 degrees for three days straight. The heat accelerated ripening, bringing piercingly sweet flavor to the small grapes as they endured a second heat wave at the end of the summer.
Stunted early and then fighting through the scorches, the vines gave one last push to produce thick, coating wines with oozing melted tannins on the finish. The most teeth staining, hedonistic wines ever to be picked from Stolpman Vineyards.

For those who like big, bold wines. This vintage is for you.

A 5 year rest in bottle and these big babies have hit new heights. Overwhelmingly bold flavors have integrated into long, smooth, fleshy textures that still overload the senses in a very tingly, happy way.
L’Avion has turned to pure honeysuckle. Estate Syrah and Estate Sangiovese show off pure red fruit and remain fresh and spry. The higher end wines all suck the nose into a deep blue-black abyss of never-ending layers.

Our Notes:
2008 L’Avion (Single Barrel)
In 2008 and 2009 we bottled our favorite barrel of L’Avion separately and marked the bottles with a white wax top. Smooth, coating honey framed with brighter golden pineapple, peach, and a touch of buttered chanterelle. Perhaps the most coating, opulent L’Avion vintage.

2008 Estate Syrah
Chocolate poured over fresh red berries. In the mouth, the high-toned red fruit combines with a mineral backbone and firm carbon structure. The wines still pops out of the bottle with such youth it is clear the long lived Syrah has yet to even hit its peak.

2008 Estate Sangiovese
Sweet Bing Cherry, tootsie roll and peppermint. Oak-aged Sangiovese tannin still balances the intense ripe fruit but the finish is mellowed into a very pretty state of maturity – this wine is most certainly in a sweet spot.

2008 Hilltops Syrah
Blood red purity lifted with a touch of ripe, ruby-red grapefruit. Opulent and smooth on the palate with fine tannin giving just a trace of dryness; adding savory quality to the lasting dark cherry and blueberry layers.

2008 Hilltops HIGH DENSITY Syrah
In 2008 and 2010, we bottled the ripest south-facing block of 3,000 vine per acre Syrah separately from the rest of the Hilltops vineyard. Opaque, dense blackness with blueberry; all complimented by dried herbs and menthol. Chocolate velvet and berry compote so gooey it’s a surprise to see the wine swirl freely in the glass. Lasting notes of cocoa finish off the deepest, darkest wine we have ever made.

2008 Sangio degli Angeli
In its inaugural vintage, we fell in love with our newer high density hilltop Sangiovese vineyard so much that we crowned the wine Blood of the Angels. Layered depth from red to blue to black and sweet leather in between. Coated tannin and sumptuous silkiness through the mouth.

2008 La Croce
A serious “wow” wine still bad and bold after five years pent up in bottle. Bright and red with dusty cocoa. While awesome now, this wine will become even more of a stunner within the next couple of years.


A limited number of this horizontal collection is available through our webstore or at either of our tasting rooms.  For inquiries, please call us at (805) 688-0400.