Best of Tasting – August 3rd

BESTOFTASTING On August 3rd we will pour 16 of our very best wines for customers seated around the large wood table in our Lompoc Winery. We selected the wines from 12 vintages to show off how Stolpman wines taste at the height of maturity, concluding with the best of the stunning 2012 vintage. There are still a few seats available at the 11am seating more info. We will possibly open a second session. The Tasting also includes a tour of our augmented Crush Pads and Winery.   Take a look at what we’re pouring:

L ‘ A V I O N  F L I G H T
Featured Wines:  2005, 2008 & 2012 L’Avion
Unless you’ve tried an older vintage of L’Avion, you might not know just how magical the wine becomes once the oak integrates and the honeysuckle-jasmine-stone fruit-lemon zest flavors truly unfold. We invest in 100% new Fench Oak 500L puncheons each year to frame the Roussanne for long-term aging. At Last year’s tasting, the 2008 was the favorite, but we’ve thrown a ringer in the mix with the sneak peak of next year’s release: the brilliant 2012.

F U L L Y  M A T U R E  F L I G H T
Featured Wines:  2001 Estate Syrah, 2001 Estate Sangiovese, 2002 La Croce & 2003 Estate Syrah
We kick off the reds with Sashi’s favorite wine to open for journalists. The 2001 demonstrates the nobility of Ballard Canyon Syrah in the soft, complex nose and vibrant mouth-feel. Don’t tell Sashi I’m selling some of his precious stash! Sashi took the reins of the Stolpman Winery in 2001, and it’s the oldest vintage in the tasting. We’ve also thrown in the 2001 Sangiovese, 2002 La Croce and 2003 Estate Syrah for good measure. The 2001 Sangiovese blew us away when we tasted it for the Biography Collection, and we squirreled some away for this event.

M A G N U M  F L I G H T
Featured Wines:  2003 Sangiovese, 2003 La Croce & 2003 Angeli
Sashi bottled 30 Magnums of the 2003 wines. In large format, these wines have matured at a slower pace and should live for at least another decade. We will open the first of these Magnums, unlucky number 13 of 30, leaving 29 of each available for purchase.

A P P R O A C H I N G  O P T I M U M  O P U L E N C E
Featured Wines:  2007 La Croce, 2007 Angeli & 2008 Sangio degli Angeli
The best wines of the 2007 and 2008 vintages, these wines are perfect examples of vintages nearing the sublime plateau known as the drinking window.

R U B E N ‘ S  B L O C K
Featured Wines:  Ruben’s Block 2009 & 2012
The Mysterious Cote-Rotie head-pruned planting is perched on the steep hillside overlooking Ballard Canyon Rd. The warm 2009 and 2012 vintages drink more approachably than the cooler 2010 and 2011s. The 2012 won’t be released for another year and a half, but for those folks that fall in love, it can be snatched up on August 3rd.

Featured Wine: Originals Syrah  2012
My favorite Syrah of the 2012 vintage for immediate drinking, Pre-Release begins at the end of August for our wine club, with official release this fall.