Making ‘Sense’ of Wine

There isn’t a day at the tasting room that goes by that I don’t overhear conversations ranging from deep tannin expression analysis to down home declarations of – ‘I like it!’  Our folks behind the bar are quick to shout out fundamentals of how each wine is produced – from the history of a varietal to specific barrel selection, aging, concrete fermenters – every choice our winemaking team makes – directly influencing the style, enhancing the vintage or ‘place’ expression & ultimately our enjoyment of a wine.  But how does it Taste?  Taste, aroma, mouthfeel – all part of our sensory evaluation of wine – & one of the most intimate and controversial conversations among wine drinkers – each with our own unique taste buds, perceptions & cultural backgrounds.

Please enjoy Part 1 of our ‘Making Sense of Wine’ photography series – a narration of taste.


G R E N A C H E, Ballard Canyon, 2012




S Y R A H,  H I L L T O P S,  Ballard Canyon, 2012




S Y R A H,  O R I G I N A L S,  Ballard Canyon, 2012




S A N G I O  d e g l i  A N G E L I,  Ballard Canyon, 2011