The Joy of Magnums: Celebrate and Collect

The birth of our son, August James, brought home the fact that Stolpman Vineyards needs to produce more large-format bottles. Rather than wait for Auggie’s 2017 birth-year vintage, we will return to bottling magnums of the stunning 2016 vintage. The age-worthy wines that already last decades in 750mL, stay fresher longer in bigger bottles.  I look forward to Auggie trying his birth-year wines when he is old enough to truly appreciate them – and likewise, I want to give our devoted collectors the chance to acquire magnums of special vintages – whether it’s a birth, to commemorate an anniversary, or just to collect and age.

2016 Vintage
The 2016 vintage produced dark, powerful wines across the Stolpman line-up – the perfect vintage to return to magnum production. The wines will show lush fruit purity for the first 5 years in magnum and then begin to develop further layers and complexity. After year 10 the wines should be fully integrated, with seamless mouthfeel and completely integrated tannin. Somewhere thereafter, the wines will begin to show maturity but if stored in a cool cellar, will provide the magical balance of softening delicate notes while still maintaining freshness on the nose and front-palate.

We have selected the following four wines to bottle in 1.5 liter format, each of these are expected to improve past twenty years of age:
2016 Originals Syrah
2016 Hilltops Syrah
2016 Angeli Syah
2016 La Croce Red Wine

Why the Wait?
Historically, we bottled a tiny amount of Magnums for our own library – just enough so we could personally check back in on these wines decades later. In the 2011 and 2012 vintages, we made some Magnums available to our mailing list and at the tasting room. Because the addition of Magnums multiplied the number of SKU’s we had to store, it seemed as though the large bottles were more trouble than they were worth. After all, most folks that walk into our Los Olivos tasting room aren’t actively looking for a $100+ big bottle.
The answer to this problem = only offer Magnums as Futures. Our customers can now reserve large bottles a year in advance, and we will only produce enough large bottles to fill these orders and our own library racks. The magnums will remain in our refrigerated cellars awaiting optimal shipping conditions.


About Pete

Pete Stolpman has led Stolpman Vineyards since 2009 and has served as the President of Ballard Canyon Winegrowers Alliance since the AVA was approved in 2013. Prior to taking over the family operation, Pete worked in the wholesale side of the business at Henry Wine Group and the winemaking side in Barossa Valley and Chianti Classico. Today, Pete focuses on experimentation in both the vineyard and winery. Pete believes his new own-rooted, high-density Syrah and Mourvedre vineyards will once again redefine the quality threshold at Stolpman. Outside of the Stolpman label, Pete and Rajat Parr bottle estate grown Trousseau, Trousseau Pet’Nat, and Chenin Blanc under the Combe Label. Pete also partners with Ruben and Maria Solorzano to make fresh and lively wines called Para Maria.