Throwback to 2013


All harvest we obsess over the flavor and texture of the fruit on the vine. In the winery, we become all-consumed with fermentation temperatures and extraction management. For the next one, two, and even three years we systematically check in on each barrel, examining how the flavors integrate and settle. Once bottled, we live with the wines through release, writing tasting notes and popping corks every day in the tasting room and out in the wholesale market. We squirrel a bit of wine away for long-term aging in the library, and we move onto the next vintage.

This December, we are breaking the cycle and reliving the 2013 vintage. Tasting all of the 2013 bottles brings us back to the conservative yields and even ripeness that resulted in concentrated, deep wines. We picked six 2013 wines that are approaching their ideal drinking age. The fruit flavors have fleshed out to envelope the once-youthful tannin, and all the wines show more coating, richer textures than when we bottled.

2013 Originals Syrah
One of the standouts of the tasting, the Originals Syrah has now been in bottle 20 months. The dark wine boasts a piercing floral fruit quality of blueberry, lavender, and rhubarb. The more serious, savory notes of coffee, sage, and charcuterie compliment the fruit, but aren’t as dominant as they once were. The wine is still serious, but has become much more hedonistic – a wine that should wow Syrah aficionados and casual red wine drinkers alike.


2013 Angeli Syrah
It’s no coincidence the other stand out of our tasting has been in bottle 20 months as well. 2013 Angeli was a smooth, supple, delicious mama upon bottling and we were thrilled to see it rise to an even higher threshold of enjoyment. To me, this wine is all about the combination of luxurious texture with voluptuous, attractive red fruit perfume.

2013 La Croce
Upon bottling 16 months ago, La Croce was monstrous. The critics were wowed by the power; strength still present, but now showing deeper layers. An appealing cocoa element has appeared and we are excited to watch this wine continue to evolve.


2013 Current Releases
We still consider a few 2013 wines to be our current vintage due to extended barrel and bottle aging regimens. L’Avion is aged 18-20 months and then kept in bottle a year prior to release. Our two Sangiovese cuvees are held in barrel 30 months and then bottle 6 months.

2013 L’Avion
Upon release in April 2016, L’Avion showed brighter and more balanced than the typically more viscous profile. Many attributed this to the splash of Chardonnay blended into the Roussanne. Now, 8 months later, 2013 L’Avion has come into its own and shows just as rich as hotter vintages in the past. Lavish honeysuckle and golden Pineapple notes dominate the nose. Asian pear and lychee flavors coat the mouth.

2013 Sangiovese
The 2013 vintage has proven to be yet another winner for the Estate Sangiovese program, perhaps the most consistent of all of our red wines. Deep red fruit with black cherry. Finish has become silkier.

2013 Sangio degli Angeli
One of our best efforts since launching the high-density hilltop Sangiovese program in 2008, the wine shows seductively pure red fruit nose and is delicate, almost feathery on the palate.


We are pouring all six of these 2013 wines in our Tasting Rooms through December. To check in on these wines and other 2013 bottles, please visit out updated Vintage Chart