A Light Harvest Finished Early


2015 Vineyard
As Cuadrilla selects the last golden clusters of Roussanne, we officially conclude the 2015 harvest prior to October 1st. Two weeks earlier than ever before, and finishing at extremely low yields, 2015 wine will carry a pronounced vintage stamp.
The lighter yields gave La Cuadrilla the opportunity to pick each block across the vineyard at optimal ripeness. Instead of prioritizing our favorite blocks, Ruben frequently made snap decisions to catch fruit at the pinnacle of fresh balance.


2015 Winery
In the winery, Sashi states that he wouldn’t have changed a single picking decision. Further kudos to Ruben.

Assistant winemaker John Faulkner reports that despite harsh drought conditions, healthy nutrient levels facilitated smooth native fermentations. The vines regulated themselves.
Once the grapes entered the winery, the crew reveled in the newfound experience of being under capacity. As we have stockpiled fermenters and equipment over the past couple years, the lighter harvest meant Sashi and John had the luxury of space and time to exactingly care for each ferment.


2015 Wines
While still early, it’s safe to say two things about 2015 wines. Due to the low yields, flavors will be jam-packed and intense. Second, because of the early harvest, alcohols will be slightly on the lower side.
I look forward to tasting the results of the many procedural experiments made across each Syrah lot this year. The team had time to geek out and not only should the wines be phenomenal, but we will certainly learn a lot from our 2015 trials. More to come!

Now it’s time for Ruben and La Cuadrilla to get some rest!