Loyalty & Courage: Behind the Label of La Cuadrilla 2012

We are proud to unveil the third La Cuadrilla label in Kari Crist’s series. The new cover piece is titled “Loyalty and Courage”.


We pride ourselves in employing a full-time workforce in the vineyard rather than hiring temporary labor for pruning and harvest. Because our crew is full-time and dedicated to Stolpman, each member develops advanced skills and techniques. The crew can quickly adapt and apply new experiments dreamt up by Sashi Moorman and Ruben Solorzano.
Our training Cuadra, or block, rotates throughout the ranch to keep the crew, La Cuadrilla, learning how to proactively and independently farm different varietals and areas of the vineyard each year. Therefore, the base of La Cuadrilla changes with each vintage, resulting in a significantly different blend with each new release.
Beginning with the 2011 vintage, we saw an opportunity for our in-house artist extraordinaire to develop creative new labels for each new blend. The labels revolve around Kari Crist’s signature Black and White photography and have thus far depicted La Cuadrilla’s picking shears and Vineyard Manager Ruben Solorzano’s portrait with a long road and Jaliscan desert-scape behind him.  Read More about the past label art.
Each year, Sashi Moorman bottles roughly 10% of Stolpman Vineyards total production under the La Cuadrilla label. We give the profits made from La Cuadrilla sales back to our vineyard crew.


2012 La Cuadrilla:
We return to vintage bottling of La Cuadrilla with the exceptional 2012 edition. The blend stays true to the vineyard, incorporating representational percentages of all 4 red varietals planted:

60% Syrah
20% Sangiovese
15% Grenache
5% Petite Sirah

Coming from the warm, perfect 2012 growing season, the 2012 Cuadrilla shows deep ripe, dark flavors. The wine already drinks smoothly, and we recommend enjoying in the 2014-2020+ drinking window.


“Courage and Loyalty” 2012 La Cuadrilla Label
La Cuadrilla. Spanish to English translations: ‘the crew’, ‘the gang’, ‘the band’ & now – with the release of Stolpman’s latest installment in our artist label series – ‘the pride’ the term used for a social group of Lions.
Since the Stone Age, Lions have been depicted visually to represent Loyalty, Courage, Strength, and Leadership – among countless other noble descriptors. The Lion Pride’s methodical nocturnal hunting technique parallels La Cuadrilla’s night-time cluster selection during harvest.
Our lion’s wreath or crest of organics is a celebration of ‘farm’ – a humble reminder of where our industry is rooted – the ‘dirt’ behind the wines. The incorporation of peacock feathers plays on the ancient symbolism of incorruptibility, nobility, strength and openness.
The subtle outline of a soccer ball adds whimsy to the bottom of the label and gives a nod to the lighter side of the camaraderie on the Estate.

Ultimately this label is a visual realization that with La Cuadrilla’s skill, strength, loyalty & courage – revolutionary viticultural practice is achieved.

La Cuadrilla 2012 is bottled & will be roaring for release in April 2014.