The Exciting Future of La Cuadrilla

LaCuadrillaLabelDefinition of La Cuadrilla: The Crew. More literally, “the people of the vineyard block”.
As we prepare the release of 2011 La Cuadrilla Red Blend under its newly designed label, there’s also a whole lot going on behind the scenes.
The profit margin of the Cuadrilla Red Blend will continue to be given to Stolpman’s full-time vineyard crew, and we at Stolpman Vineyards remain as dedicated as ever to the concept of “Sustainable Employment”.
However, there’s always room to do more! Our vineyard manager Ruben Solorzano, Jeff Newton – one of the top 100 most influential people in the wine world, and Wine Law Attorney Brian Simas
have teamed up with me to create an official Cuadrilla Foundation Charity. As of writing, we’ve gotten the green light from the state, and now we’re applying for non-profit tax exemption from the IRS so we can start work!
IMG_4275The Cuadrilla Foundation Charity will be a separate entity from Stolpman Vineyard’s La Cuadrilla wine, which solely benefits Stolpman’s own work-force. The charity creates the opportunity to make the Stolpman’s Cuadrilla program and its message of respect, fair wages, and profit-sharing; bigger, and more powerful than merely keeping the concept just for our operation.
The aim of the Cuadrilla Foundation is to better the lives of the agricultural labor community in Santa Barbara County. Berries, Broccoli, and Wine Grapes are the largest industries in the County and our intent is to make sure all of the workers involved can lead healthy lives. In the coming months and years we plan to contribute to our local health clinics and to eventually create college scholarship funds for Ag workers’ children.
Where will all this money come from?
_MG_1993 copyWe will be hosting events featuring Stolpman wine and farm-to-table food to generate money for the Cuadrilla Foundation. We are also going to encourage our fellow Santa Barbara County vintners and wineries to follow suit, and raise money through wine events for the cause.
Once we gain momentum, we plan to recruit like-minded vineyards to become members of the Cuadrilla Foundation. To qualify for membership, a vineyard must foster year round / permanent employment, fair wages, promotion opportunity, and a minimum level of profit sharing or end-of-harvest bonus. One day, the Cuadrilla Foundation logo might be found on bottle back labels and winery websites and when consumers see it, they will be assured that not only are these wines farmed in environmentally friendly methods, but they’re also good for the people in the fields.
It’s a great honor for me to broaden the scope of the Cuadrilla program started over a decade ago by Ruben, Sashi and Dad. I hope you enjoy the 2011 Cuadrilla red blend, and I hope you are as proud as I to be part of the progress of American agricultural practices.