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Combe Vin Gris 2019

Combe Vin Gris 2019
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Rajat Parr and Pete Stolpman’s esoteric collaboration is labeled “Combe” referring to the French word for a small sheltered valley within a vineyard. Sometime around 2010, Rajat Parr became convinced of the great potential for the pale red Trousseau grape on the Limestone soils of Stolpman Vineyards.  We decided to partner with him to make a light red Trousseau and a Trousseau Pet’Nat. The first vintage for the Trousseau wines was 2014, and we now have 3.5 acres planted to the varietal.  Our 1.5 acres of Chenin began producing in 2016.  The tiny first crop of Mondeuse made it into the 2019 Vin Gris and should make up the majority of this delicious dark pink wine in 2020.    We continue to propagate Poulsard and Savagnin and we hope to start seeing fruit within a few years.  Savagnin will be planted more widely while we will wait to taste our experimental block of Poulsard before further commitment.  

For the second year in a row, we enjoyed moderate weather leading up to, and continuing through harvest.  Most notably, we did not have to work around “Santa Ana” heat spikes.  The subsequent 2019 vintage wines should be ripe, but with taut freshness and bright, lively acidity.  

At The Winery
Trousseau never completely finishes verasion.  Clusters contain some pink fruit and errant green grapes.  The winery crew discards any green grapes and sorts the pinker clusters into a bin for Vin Gris.  We decided to also include the tiny first crop of our Mondeuse for further color and flavor complexity.   The clusters are foot trod in a small fermentation tank and left to soak for 3 days.  Once pretty and pink, the juice is pressed into barrel for fermentation. Bottled without sulfur or other additions.

For those that have tasted the two previous vintages of Combe Vin Gris, they know this is anything but an ordinary pink wine.  Tantalizing, nuanced fresh summer peach, melon, and tart strawberries pop over savory notes of dried herbs.   In the mouth there is a billowy mouth-filling quality that screams “YUM”.  This year the color came out a lighter pink than the 2018.  (Limit 12 bottles per order)


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