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Explore the pure expression of our Ballard Canyon vineyard.


Stolpman wines directly reflect the limestone soils and cool windy conditions of our Ballard Canyon AVA vineyard.  Vines grow in conservative balance, receiving little, if any, irrigation.  All work with the vines is done carefully by hand. 

Grapes natively ferment whole, un-crushed, for a delicately high-toned profile.  Harvested early for lighter mouthfeel and higher acidity, So Fresh wines also go to bottle early to capture purity and freshness without added sulfur.



Esoteric and downright mashable, Combe stems from our vision of what unique varietals and special plant material might produce in arid Ballard Canyon Limestone and the immaculate farming of La Cuadrilla.

Stolpman Vineyards employs its dedicated, passionate vineyard workers year-round.  In an effort to provide further stability to their families, the crew “La Cuadrilla” receives the profits of their wine. 



Vignerons Ruben and Maria Solorzano partner with the Stolpman family on two different projects. 

Para Maria: Ruben cherry picks the fruit for red and rose wines from the dozens of Santa Barbara County vineyards under his farming control.  Prior to this partnership, Ruben took this fruit for his Hecho Por Ruben label.

Sun+ Earth: Ruben and Maria’s vision of creating a next-level co-fermented Mourvedre blend came true when the Stolpmans gave the Solorzanos four acres of Limestone hillsides to plant their own estate vineyard.


The balance and concentration of Stolpman wines ensures an exciting evolution in bottle.  We hold a portion of many cuvees in library for customers to enjoy with age.


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