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Hair of the Bear 2018

Hair of the Bear 2018
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We’ve bottled wine from the 3.5 acre 1992 planting of Petite Sirah on only a few occasions.  Especially in the extremes of Ballard Canyon, winemakers must wait for the Petite Sirah skins to soften in order to avoid burly, coarse tannins. This often means picking at extremely high sugars and bottling wines with hotter alcohol levels than we prefer.  In 2016, winemaker Kyle Knapp had the brilliant idea of co-fermenting the powerful, black varietal with soft, rich, and cushioning Roussanne. Roussanne ripens extremely late here on the vineyard, so it naturally brings the sugar content down – translating to 1.5% less alcohol than if we left the Petite Sirah monocepage.  During fermentation, the golden Roussanne polishes the raw power of the Petite Sirah into an elegant, fine wine.  In recognition of the winemaker’s triumphant wine, artist Eric Beltz drew a rugged, older version of Kyle Knapp emerging from the wilderness with a domesticated bear by his side.  A parallel to Roussanne taming the wild Petite Sirah.  The term “Hair of the Bear” described a top-notch frontiersman or trapper back in the days of the Wild West and California Gold Rush.

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Petite Sirah
Ballard Canyon
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