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Love You Bunches Rose 2023

Love You Bunches Rose 2023
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Carbonically Fermented Rosé of Grenache
While the main Love You Bunches wine continues to be a 100% carbonic fermentation of Sangiovese, in 2019 we began making Love You Bunches rosé.  For the rosé version of Love You Bunches, the fruit is pressed much more quickly for a beautiful pink-hued wine.  Grapes rest whole for 12-24 hours as carbonic fermentation begins, absorbing just a touch of pigment and texture.
The pun “Love You Bunches” refers to our extra “loving” treatment of grape bunches during harvest when the clusters are destined for carbonic fermentation.  Clusters must be kept intact, un-crushed, for fermentation to begin within each grape.  Of course, the simple, whimsical label is the perfect fit for these fun, happy wines.  The lettering shows off the singularly unique penmanship of vineyard manager and El Padrino, The Grape Whisperer, and our favorite human on earth, Ruben Solorzano.

Healthy late season rains pushed back bud-break and the growing season by 3-4 weeks.  We escaped the summer without any extreme heat events that would have accelerated ripening.  2023 turned out to be the latest harvest since 2011, and the slow, even sugar accumulation and phenolic ripening delivered a great vintage.
Uber high toned, as if Good Humor Popsicle Co. made a deal with the devil to make their strawberry shortcake fresh with a citrus zing.  Floral breezy, and delicious.  Upfront quenching acidity, showing traces of rhubarb, straight into a super savory, dry finish. A nice hit of minerality underneath a light citrus spray floating on top.  In the glass, the wine appears a perfect pale pink but more sassy and tart than Barbie pink.

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