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Uni White 2021

Uni White 2021
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Roussanne might be the richest, most decadent white grape in the world of wine.  Ripe fruit intensity, and a coating, thick mid-palate deliver a hedonistic “wow” factor not often found in white wines.   Because Roussanne spends months ripening on the vine, slowly developing its signature flavor concentration, the tart acidity of the grape often dwindles by harvest time.  At Stolpman, we decided zesty Chardonnay would be the perfect blending compliment.  The Chardonnay lends a structured back-bone that refreshes the palate once the Roussanne’s up-front wave of flavor ebbs. Like Santa Barbara’s most famous delicacy, urchin harvested off our Channel Islands, the Uni white wine combines decadent richness with delicate precision.  We originally created Uni in 2016 as an exclusive for the Uchi sushi group out of Austin, Texas.  Word quickly got out about the wine, with the help of SommTV’s promotion of Uni alongside the release of the Delicacy film.  Today, Uni can be enjoyed throughout the US, Japan, and Korea.  

A cold spring set up a late-ripening vintage, ideal for Roussanne that gradually accumulates sugar deep into Fall.  Roussanne retained healthy acidity as weather remained moderate without the heatwaves we experienced in 2020.  The 2021 Uni returns to a cloudy appearance, per tradition, following the anomalous clean-racked, riper, warm 2020 vintage.  The haziness grants another tactile layer in the mouth.

Golden Pineapple, white flowers, and Asian pear backed by tangerine citrus.  Delightful fuzziness all over from the nose through the mouth.  Fresh, crunchy acidity compliments the full bodied richness of the mid-palate and provides a titillating cut under the fleshy, cloudy textures.  It is rare to find so much zest and energy in such a coating white wine!   

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Ballard Canyon
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Fall 2022