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Uni White 2022

Uni White 2022
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/ 750ML

Roussanne might be the richest, most decadent white grape in the world of wine. Ripe fruit intensity, and a coating, thick mid-palate deliver a hedonistic “wow” factor not often found in white wines. Because Roussanne spends months ripening on the vine, slowly developing its signature flavor concentration, the tart acidity of the grape often dwindles by harvest time. At Stolpman, we decided zesty Chardonnay would be the perfect blending compliment. The Chardonnay lends a structured back-bone that refreshes the palate once the Roussanne’s up-front wave of flavor ebbs. Tasting the potential blend, we fell in love. The wine delivered such intensity, but, thanks to the Chardonnay, the refrained elegance of a fine wine. Apart from the inviting flavor profile – orange blossom, honeysuckle, meyer lemon – we became obsessed with the wine’s texture. Bound within the creaminess lay a world of jasmine, tropical guava, pear and marzipan. Unanimously, we voted to capture the magic as is, without fining, filtration, or any other settling – we wanted to bottle the slightly hazy “nigori style” profile without stripping anything away. The sum total of Uni White = Roussanne’s flavor intensity + rich mouth-filling unfiltered texture + the zip of Chardonnay >>> combine to create a unique wine that can pair with a variety of dishes. Like an unfiltered Sake, Uni White’s textures highlight the delicate, pristine notes of raw fish. Its boldness also stands up to more intense proteins, even red meats.

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Ballard Canyon
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Fall 2023